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Nov 14, 2009 6:00pm EST
. >> the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships. of them he met with the royal family of japan and reached out to top business leaders, promising a new era of cooperation. after a stop in china, he is headed to south korea, where demonstrators are already protesting against the president and the u.s. war in afghanistan. before heading to china, the president promised to work with the new economic superpower, not try to contain it. >>> the u.s. army has ordered an investigation at arlington national cemetery. army secretary said it will look into the alleged loss of accountability of graves and poor record keeping. it reports reveal cemetery workers last year mistakenly buried cremated remains at a grave site that was already in use. the army also learned an unmarked grave was discovered back in 2003, the army says cemetery officials did not act on the matter until this year. >>> suicide among active duty troops are set to make a new record. the army says there have been 133 suicides this year, seven less than last year. the 133 suicides between january and octob
Nov 28, 2009 6:00pm EST
1000 words and then some, the president of the united states face-to-face with a pair of uninvited party guests who turned out to be aspiring reality tv stars. official washington is in dignity, the secret service embarrassed. it is still not exactly clear how the salahi couple crashed the dinner honoring the indian prime minister. they manage to cozy up to vice president joe biden and a host of other a list partygoers. salahi was being taped for a broad vote series called "the real housewives." she said she was honored to be invited. their lawyer insists they were invited by the white house. the secret service now says their names were not on the guest list. they should have been prohibited from entering the event. >> this time it was a nice pretty blonde, the next time it could be an assassin. >> has a dangerous habit of cutting security corners. >> they could have had anthrax, they could have stabbed the president. >> the secret service has questioned the couple and some legal experts believe they could be facing criminal charges, a price to pay for 50 minutes of fame. she was s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2